Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Key Terms and An article

A.Key Terms and Difinitions

1.Wireframe- Is a basic visual guide used in a web design to suggest the structure of a website and the relationship between pages.

2.HTML- Is a markup language used to structure text and mutlimedia documents and to set up hypertext links between documents, used extensively on the world wide web.

B.An article

The what,when and why of wireframes
By: James Kelway

This article is about informing web developers the purpose of wireframes and how to use it for their website. Wireframes are the visual concept on how their website will look. It will give you a visual aspect of where things will go and how things will function. It is meant to be deisgn for the delevoper to understand and team delevopers as well the cleint and the audeience.

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