Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Key Terms and An article

A.Terms and Difinitions

1. Acid 3 Test- Is a test page from the web standard project that checks how a web browser follows certain web standard relating to document object model and javascript.

2. WebKit- Is an application framework that provides a foundation upon which to build a web browser.

3. Ajax- (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml) is a method of building interactive applications for the web that process user requests immediately.,,sid8_gci1107521,00.html

4. ARIA-(Accessible Rich Internet Applications)- Are web applications that have some of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered by way of an Ajax framework, proprietary web browser plug ins, advanced JavaScript compiler technology or independently via sandboxes or virtual machines.

5. JavaScript- Is a scripting language used that is added to standard HTML to create interactive documents.

B.An Article

Test Center: Safari 4 preview
By: Tom Yager

This article is about testing the new Safari and it’s new features to the web browser. The old Safari had good speed connection, standards, and looks but, didn’t have good security for the web browser. The new features for the Safari 4 is the newest search engine called Nitro engine which was change from the old name SquirrelFish takes. The Nitro takes the fastest javascript making it the fastest browser. It other features is that it can zoom in or out the entire page and can create a non-defeatable style sheet and set a minium font size. Safari/ webkit is the first browser to pass the Acid3 test for compatibility and completeness of a browsers implementation of CSS version 3.

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